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Create an Event

Easily create and publish Events/Seminars.

Let’s take a look at how you can view and Add a New Event!


Navigating to Events

Navigate to Classes & Events using the side navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

On this page, you can view the Attendees and Edit your Events details. If you’re visiting this page for the first time you’ll likely not see any Events listed.

But let’s change that!

Support Docs -Events - Step 1

Adding an Event

To add a new event simply click the “New Event” button. An Event form will open to the right of the screen.

Support Docs - Events - Step 3


Get started by providing some Basic Details about the Event ( Name, Dates/Time, Address, Organiser, Staff and Description).

Support Docs - Event - Step 1

IMPORTANT NOTE: When creating a recurring Event be sure to enable the “This is a recurring event” button and set how frequent you want the Event to repeat e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Until when?” date is a required field. If you don’t want the Event to expire, then set the “Until When?” date to a date in the distant future. Example: 22/10/2034

Support Docs - Classes - Step 1.1


You can additionally set when you want to make Events available to users to Book/Check-In. Simply uncheck the boxes for “Check In & Registration opens immediately” and “Check In & Registration closes when the event starts“. Set the date and time to open and close the events/classes.

Support Docs - Create a Class - Step 3


If your event is occurring at a different location you can select from your addresses or specify a custom address.

Support Docs - Create a Class - Step 4


Select who is the Organizer of the Event and specify which Staff are involved. This is a required field so be sure to select at least one Organizer and one Staff member.

Support Docs - Create a Class - Step 5

Important Note: Tags allow you to restrict access to classes and events. Use “membership” tags to limit which membership type you wish to give access to this class. This will prevent specific members from checking into the wrong classes.

For example; An adult member checking into a kid’s class.

The “paid” tag is used for any Paid or Free Events, that you want to make available to both members and non-members. The “paid” tag will display any events or classes on the member portal “Book Online” page.

Support Docs - Create a Class - Step 6


A description can be added if the Event warrants additional details.

Support Docs - Create a Class - Step 7


If this is a Paid Event you’ll need to include the costs under the Pricing tab. If it is a Free Event, keep the price at zero. You can additionally limit the capacity for an event by setting the Maximum allowed spots.

Support Docs - Events - Step 6


Spruce up your Event by adding an Event Image or using Custom Colours. Try to keep the colours consistent for events of similarity, this way your customers can begin to familiarise themselves with the different Events held.

Support Docs - Events - Step 7


To finish up set some General settings. Set whether you wish to allow cancellations, if so add a Minimum time period before cancelling. If you want customers redirected after completing a booking you can include a Redirect URL here. Under the Payments tab, be sure to link to Appointment or Event to get paid directly to your main bank account.


Support Docs - Events - Step 8


Finally, don’t forget to “Save” your newly created Event.

Support Docs - Events - Step 9


And that’s it! We’ve successfully added our first Event.


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