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So things are in full swing and payments are being received by your satisfied customers? That’s great news!

Let’s see where we can view your Finances!


Navigating to Finances

Navigate to Roster > Finance using the side navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

On this page, you can view all the Payments made to your club.


Support Docs - Finances - Step 1


Adding Coupons

Navigate to the Coupons tab on the Finance page and click the “New Coupon” button and a form will open on the right of the screen.

Support Docs - Finances - Step 2


Here you need to define a Coupon Code which customers will enter in their booking so they can get a discount. Specify whether the Discount will offer a Percentage or Cash discount. For the Usage Limit, you will need to define the number of coupons for use. After the limit is reached your coupon will become unavailable. To limit the Number of Usage per customer you can set this here.

Support Docs - Payments - Step 3

Under the Notification tab, you can set the number of approved bookings after which the customer will automatically receive the coupon in the notification. Please note that the coupon placeholder needs to be set in the notification template in order for this to work. Recurring Notifications can be enabled so that the notification interval will repeat.

Support Docs - Payments - Step 4

Finally, don’t forget to “Save” your newly created Coupon.

Support Docs - Payments - Step 5


And that’s it! We’ve successfully viewed our Finances and added a New Coupon.


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