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User Types

There are several different user types to account for staff with varying permissions. These include admins and customers who have started or completed their registration.

Internal User Types


Administrators are typically the business owner or operator. This user type has full access to all areas of the Clientsss app.


The Manager can access some basic settings. They can also access everything that the Employees can access.


An Employee role can just access lower-level information required to carry out their role. They have no access to any settings. Employees can access the following features: File Sharing, Esigning, Quotes & Invoices, Project Boards, CRM Dashboard, Customer Points and Feedback.

Customer User Types

Customer – unverified

When a customer first signs up, they will have an unverified account. An email is sent to them to verify their account.

Customer – verified

Once a customer has clicked the verification link, they will have a verified user account. Then they will be able to access front-end functionality and update their profile information.

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