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Basic Settings

Simple and Important Steps To Get Started With Your Clientsss Application

General Settings

Update the ‘Administrator Email‘ to the email address where you want to receive all of your notifications. For example; new leads, support tickets etc. Do this by navigating to Settings > App Settings. Here you can also set your timezone in case your app’s timezone and time format does not match up with your timezone and or preferences.

Support Docs - Basic Settings - Step 1


During the development stage of your Clientsss app as you are piecing together the important components, you should “Hide Website” from search engines. This way users will not come across your draft site through web searches. Users only with the URL will only have access to the site.

You can access these settings by navigating to Settings > Branding. Under Main Options, you will see the option to “Hide Website“.

Support Docs - Basic Settings - Step 1


Before you go live, you should check out the White Label Docs so that you can customise your Clientsss app to match your own brand and style guidelines.


File Browser

To use Clientsss File Browser module there are a few necessary settings that you must configure first.

Navigate to Settings > File Settings, within here you’ll need to Enable your preferred file drive, simply click into the text field and click the “Edit” button.

Support Docs - Setting Up File Sharing Apps - Step 2


The below drop-down menu will prompt on the screen, from here you can choose one of the available drives you wish to integrate into your Clientsss app. Click “OK” to save your changes.

Support Docs - Setting Up File Sharing Apps - Step 3


Below this setting, you will see options to control your Clients permissions for Uploading, Modifying and Sharing.

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