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Roster Notifications

Automated Notifications are a great way for you instantly reach out to Members and Employees when an event has been triggered.

Let’s take a look at the different notification functionality available to you!

Navigating to Notifications

Navigate to Settings > Notifications using the side-navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

On the Notifications page, you’ll see various options to Send Email Notifications to both Members and Employees as well as choosing a specific notification regarding Appointments or Events.

Support Docs - Notifications - Step 1


Notification Types

Set up Appointment Notifications to trigger when an appointment is Approved, Pending, Cancelled, Rejected or Rescheduled. This way Customers and Employees won’t miss any updates to bookings.

Give each Notification an appropriate Name and it is Enabled if you wish for it to become active once created. Set whether you want the notification to Trigger Immediately or Schedule the notification to be sent at a different time. Additionally, you should set the which Service offered by you to which this Notification applies.

Support Docs - Notifications - Step 2


While creating an Event Notification most of the settings discussed above apply here. Although the Actions for Events being Booked, Cancelled by Admin, Cancelled by Attendee or Rescheduled can be seen instead. While Services is replaced by Events.

Support Docs - Notifications - Step 3


Email Notifications

After you’ve configured your notification settings it’s time to write your Email Notification template. Give your notification a clear Subject Line along with all the necessary details in the Message Body to avoid ambiguity and prevent any follow-up questions.

Include any Placeholders, Images, Links or HTML to make your message stand out!

Support Docs - Notifications - Step 2

Before you “Save” your changes double check if it is Enabled or Disabled and “Send Test Email” to yourself to ensure the template looks as you expect.


And that’s a wrap! Now you no longer need to worry about manually sending notifications, it’s all Automated!


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