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Track Training

Tracking your Training will help you organize and save information about your training sessions so that you can work toward a specific goal.

The simple effort to log Injuries, Training Stats and Weight can benefit you in the future and allow you to view your progression over time to see improvements or view injury history.

Navigate to Tracking Training via the Admin Portal.

BJJ Journal

Utilise the BJJ Journal to log diary entries of significant moments in training or competitions your want to remember or just simply keep a log of.  Write about Technique(s), Submission(s), Fitness, Comps, etc.

Don’t forget to “Submit” entries.

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Track My Stats

Keep a log of all your Training Stats to see areas of strength and areas where you can improve.

Support Docs - Track Training - Step 2


Track My Weight

Track your Weight for upcoming competitions or just simple as another metric from your training.

Set yourself a Target Weight and Date to hit your target. Be sure to log your weight regularly.

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Track My Health

Allows you to log any Injuries sustained whilst training. Select where on your body the injury occurred.

Support Docs - Track Training - Step 5


Enter the date you sustained the injury and log a description of your injury/symptom. Be sure to “Submit” to log your injury report.


Support Docs - Track Training - Step 6


Simple right! Try to log stats regularly, it will benefit you in the future!

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