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Member Registration has never been easier! In under 5 minutes, you can become a member of your local club/gym.

Let’s take a look at the membership application process!

Navigate to the bottom of the Membership Portal page. Below the menu options, you’ll find the link to the member registration form.

“Need to sign up as a member? Please click here and you can sign up now.”

To get started, verify the Club/Gym Details to ensure it is the correct gym membership application.


Support Docs - Registration - Step 1

Include personal details (Name, Email, Address and Contact Number).

Support Docs - Registration - Step 2

Select a Membership Plan, details for Fee, Payment Frequency, Free Trial, Set-up Fees and Notes will update based on the membership chosen.

Support Docs - Membership Reg - Step 1

Support Docs - Membership Reg - Step 2

Membership Terms if set by the Club/Gym must be read and signed before completing the application form.

Note: To sign, simply click and hold inside the signature box then move the mouse to sign your signature.

Support Docs - Registration - Step 4

Support Docs - Registration - Step 5


Attachment of ID or other documentation may be requested by the Gym/Club. Upload the necessary file by selecting “Choose File” and selecting the location of the file on your device.

Support Docs - Registration - Step 6

You may be required to read and agree to the Consent(s) set by the Club/Gym before completing the registration application. Click the Check Box to agree or disagree with the consent.

Support Docs - Registration - Step 7


Clubs/Gyms may require details of any Existing Medical Conditions. Provide the Name and Details of your medical conditions. To Add additional medical conditional click the Plus (+) Icon.

Be sure to read any Medical Waivers.

Support Docs - Registration - Step 8

Take a moment to read any Waivers added by a Club/Gym.

Support Docs - Registration - Step 9


Clubs may require Emergency Contact details. Be sure to include the Contact Name, Phone, Email and Relationship.

Support Docs - Registration - Step 10


If you wish to choose the Start Date of a membership you can select a date from the date picker.

Support Docs - Registration - Step 11


Finally, enter your Name and Sign in the signature box.

Support Docs - Registration - Step 12


If the document is incomplete or you wish to send it to another party to finalise and complete then select “Send This Document” and input the email address of the other party.

If all fields have been completed then select “Agree & Complete“.

Support Docs - Registration - Step 13


And that’s it! Simple right?

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