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Create Simple Merchandise Product

Need to create Merchandise Products on your store?

Note: For Merchandise that has multiple variations such as colours, sizes etc. it’s recommended to create a Variable Product, follow the support docs here.

Let’s take a look at how to create a Simply Product!


Navigating to Products

Navigate to Store using the side-navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

On this page, you’ll find the table containing your Store Products.

Support Docs - Products - Step 1

Above the table next to the title you’ll find a button to “Add New“. Click it and you’ll be redirected to the Add New Product page.

Product Details

Start by giving your product an appropriate Name this will be the first thing your customers will see so be sure to clearly outline what product is being sold.

You can include a Description to provide the potential buyer with more details about the product (size guide, materials used, colours, etc.).

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 1


At the bottom of the page, you’ll find detailed settings for your product. Select “Simple Product” from the Product Type drop-down menu.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 3

A Simple Product can be Merchandise, Physical Products, One-time use Casual Passes, Online Courses and Additional Services sold within your store.



Under the “General” tab, set the Regular Price of the product or if you wish to offer a Sale Price you can include this also and “Schedule” when the sale will take place.

Set whether or not the entire product is Taxable or simply the cost of Shipping. Choose a Tax Class for this product.

Tax & Or Processing Fee classes are used to apply different tax rates specific to certain types of products.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 2


Under the Inventory tab, the SKU (Stock-keeping unit), is a unique identifier for each product and service that can be purchased.

Enable “Manage Stock” to set the current stock levels of the product, this number will decrease as users purchases this product.

Finally, the Stock Status controls whether or not the product is listed as “in stock” or “out of stock” on the front end.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 4


If the product requires Shipping, you can add these details under the “Shipping” tab. Add the Weight (kg) in the decimal form [e.g. 12.5]. Include the Dimensions in (cm) Length x Width x Height.

Shipping Classes are used by certain shipping methods to group similar products.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 5


Under the “Linked Products” tab, you can include Upsells which are products that you recommend instead of the currently viewed product, for example, products that are more profitable or better quality or more expensive.

Cross-sells are products that you promote in the cart, based on the current product.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 6


If your product has multiple attributes you can set these under the “Attributes” tab. For example; products can have different sizes, colours etc. The Values are separated using a pipe symbol. See the example here > [ Blue | Red | Black | White ].

Note: If you wish to manage the stock levels and use different pricing for each Attribute we recommend creating a Variable Product, follow the support docs here

Be sure to “Save Attributes” added.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 7


If a Purchase Note is required to be sent to a customer after purchase of this product you can include this note under the “Advanced” tab.

Additionally, you can specify the Menu Order in which the product is displayed on the store’s front end.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 8


To add users who purchase this product to a specific emailing group you can include these details under the “Follow-Ups” settings.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 9


Under the “Store” tab you can set to who the payment for this product should be made to.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 10


Additional Settings

Set the Category of your product, if it’s not listed simply click the “Add New Category” button to add more.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 11


Include any relevant Tags to help customers easily identify products. Support Docs - Create Product - Step 12


Select the Contact Group you wish to subscribe your customer to, after purchasing this product.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 13


Important: Ensure your product stands out by providing a Product Image. We strongly recommend using an image with either a White or Transparent (Blank) Background. You can use either of the tools listed below to remove backgrounds:

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 14

If you wish to display multiple images you can “Add Product Gallery Images” under the Product Gallery section.

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 15


Finally before you “Publish” double-check visibility settings. It’s always good to “Preview” the product to see how it will look for your customers. Once you are happy hit “Publish“!

Support Docs - Create Product - Step 16


And that’s a wrap! Now start populating your store and get selling!


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