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Don’t worry about exporting data and building reports in excel!

We’ve got you covered!


Navigating to Subscription Reports

Navigate to Payments > Subscription Reports using the side-navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

Easily switch between the different available reports (Orders, Members, Taxes & Subscriptions) using the tabs at the top of the page. Quickly filter between dates and products to find target report data. If you wish to Export the data, you can click the “Export CSV” button on the right.

Support Docs - Membership Report - Step 1

On the left side of the report, you will see a breakdown of each data set along with the associated colour codes which are represented on the graph to the right.

Support Docs - Membership Report - Step 2

Support Docs - Membership Report - Step 3


By hovering on the data on the left a tooltip will display providing you with additional details. Click on a data set and it will become highlighted on the graph in purple.

Support Docs - Membership Report - Step 4

And that’s it! We’ve discussed in this article how to View, Filter and Export Payment Report Data.


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