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Update Status on Order

Need to Update the Status on Orders?

Let’s take a look at how!


Navigating to Orders

Navigate to More > All Payments using the side-navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

On this page, you’ll find the table containing your order details and statuses.

Locate an order with the Search functionality or use the Filter options on the table.

Support Docs - Update Status - Step 1


Once you’ve located an order. Simply click on the Order Number e.g. #13294 to open up the order details.

Support Docs - Refund Membership - Step 2


Under the Order Details in the General section, you will find the drop-down menu to Update the Status.

Support Docs - Update Status - Step 2


Select the updated Status from the drop-down menu.

Support Docs - Update Status - Step 3


Finally hit “Update” to save your changes.

Support Docs - Update Status - Step 4


And that’s a wrap!


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