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Junior – Update Attendance Goal

Set the target points members need to reach to be Eligible for Grading based on Attendance.

Let’s take a look at where you can update these point targets!


Navigating to Junior – Eligible For Grading

Navigate to Settings using the top navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard. Scroll to the Grading section and click the link for Juniors – Eligible For Grading.

On this page, you will find the settings for Eligible For Grading – Based on Attendance.

Support Docs - Junior Eligible for Grading- Step 1


Visit the settings for Attendance and scroll down to Achievement Data. Here you can specify the “Minimum Points Required” to achieve the Eligible for Grading – Based on Attendance reward.

Support Docs - Junior Eligible for Grading- Step 2


Once you’ve made your changes don’t forget to “Update“!Support Docs - Junior Eligible for Grading- Step 3


And that’s it!


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