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Check out the Grading Dashboard to see reports on your member’s grading status.

View which Adult and Junior Members are Eligible for Grading based on Attendance and Performance.

Let’s take a look at where we can view these reports!


Navigating to Grading

Navigate to Grading using the side navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

Switch between the different reports using the tabs (Adults – Eligible for Grading, Adults – Rank Achieved, Black Belt Degrees, Juniors – Eligible for Grading, Juniors – Rank Achieved)

Support Docs - Grading - Step 1


View Charts representing members’ Ranks Achieved and the Achievements received for Attendance and Performance.

Support Docs - Grading Dashboard - Step 2


Below the charts, you can find a table containing the ranks and achievements earned by members.

Support Docs - Grading Dashboard - Step 3


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