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Social Media

Grow your Social Media presence and spruce up your site by adding social Icons and Links.


Navigating to Social Media

Navigate to Member Portal > Social Media using the side-navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

On the table, you will see your social icons. Using the Action buttons you can Edit or Delete existing icons.

Support Docs - Social Icons - Step 1


If you’re visiting this page for the first time get started by simply clicking “Add New” to create a Social Icon. Include a Title, choose an Icon from the Font Awesome icon list or upload your own.

Support Docs - Social Icons - Step 2


Additionally, you’ll need to include a URL and specify the Sort Order in which the icons are displayed. Finally set if you want the link to open in a New or the Same window in the browser.

Don’t forget to “Save Changes“!

Now check out your social icons on your member portal!

Support Docs - Social Icons - Step 5

And that’s a wrap! Your Member Portal is coming along great!


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