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Easily create, publish and sell upcoming Events within your club.

Let’s take a look at how you can view and Add a New Event!


Navigating to Events

Navigate to Classes & Events using the side navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

On this page, you can View and Edit your Event details. If you’re visiting this page for the first time you’ll likely not see any Events listed.

But let’s change that!

Support Docs -Events - Step 1

Adding an Event

To add a new event simply click the “New Event” button. An Event form will open to the right of the screen.

Support Docs - Events - Step 3

Get started by providing some Basic Details about the event ( Name, Dates/Time, Address, Organiser, Staff and Description). To add an additional date click “Add Date“. Be sure to set whether the event is Reoccuring. Include some Tags to help customers easily find events they’re interested in.

Support Docs - Event - Step 1

Support Docs - Events - Step 5


If this is a Paid Event¬†you’ll need to include the costs under the Pricing tab. Include alternative payment or pricing options.

Support Docs - Events - Step 6

Spruce up your event by adding an Event Image or Colours. Try to keep the colour present consistent for events of similarity, this way your customers can begin to familiarise themselves with the different events held.

Support Docs - Events - Step 7


To finish up add some General. Set whether you wish to allow cancellations, if so add a Minimum time period before cancelling. If you want customers redirected after completing a booking you can include a Redirect URL here. Under the Payments tab, be sure to link to Appointment or Event, this will be reflected on payment reports.


Support Docs - Events - Step 8


Finally, don’t forget to “Save” your newly created Event.

Support Docs - Events - Step 9


And that’s it! We’ve successfully added our first Event.


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