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White Label – Styling

Did you know you can White Label your site?

This is great news if you have a business or brand you want front and centre. Users accessing your app and customers who view the front-end will see the app only with your branding. That means you can show your logo and use your style guide.

There are a few different ways you can white-label your app:


Let’s take a look at the Styling options you can use to White Label your site.

Navigate to Settings

To access the Styling Settings you’ll need to navigate to Settings > Branding page using the side navigation within the Admin Dashboard.

Fonts Options

You can choose what fonts are used in body text and headlines, their size, colour and more. See the screenshot below.

Support Docs - Branding Styling - Step 1

Colour Options

Want to add a splash of custom colour to your app? No problem! There’s no shortage of colours for you to customize across your app, from the main theme colour, background colours, notifications colours, and more!

Support Docs - Branding Styling - Step 2Support Docs - Branding Styling - Step 3


Other Styling Options

Additionally, you can choose to remove the border-radius.

Support Docs - Branding Styling - Step 4

Be sure to “Save Changes“!

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