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Low Inventory Notifications

Get notified when your Stock Levels are Low and Out of Stock!

Let’s take a look at where to configure these settings!


Navigating to Low Inventory Emails

Navigate to Settings using the side-navigation menu within the Admin Dashboard.

Scroll to the Notification section and follow the link to Low Inventory Emails.

On this page, Enable or Disable the Stock Management Notification. The Hold Stock holds stock for users for a limited amount of time before restocking and making it available for other users to purchase.

Enable the Notifications you would like to be notified about. (Low Stock and Out of Stock).

Include the Email Address of the Recipient(s) to send the notifications to.

Support Docs - Low stock notifications - Step 1


Set the Threshold at which stock levels need to hit before triggering notifications.

Enable or disable Out of Stock Visibility to hide out-of-stock items on the store.

Select whether or not to Display Stock Levels to customers.

Support Docs - Low stock notifications - Step 2


Don’t forget to “Save Changes“!


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