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Import Members

We all know that moving your existing data to a new system can be a tedious task.

Well, with our Import Members feature you can easily import your existing user data into your Members Table.

Navigating to Import Members

Navigate to Settings using the top navigation within the Admin Dashboard and locate the Import Member settings. On this page, you can upload a CSV file to bulk import member details.

Support Docs - Import Users - Step 1

File Format

You must follow the instructions carefully, otherwise, it will result in your Import failing.

You can download the Sample CSV File using the example of the CSV file link below the “Choose File” button.



Support Docs - Import Users - Step 2

  • user_login & user_email: Choose the Username and Email for the user here. (Ensure that the username and email do not already exist in the Member Table as this will result in the data not importing correctly)
  • user_pass: For the Password field you can either Enter a Password for this user or Leave it Blank and the users can set their own password via the email link.
  • first_namelast_name and display_name: The First and Last Name will be displayed in the user table so that admins can identify users. As for the Display Name, this will be what the signed-in user sees when logged into your site.
  • role: Include the role you wish to apply to this user. Set either a Membership RoleStore Owner, Coach or Administrator role.

Checklist before uploading:

  1. File Format is saved as CSV.
  2. Role field is Spell Checked and in Lowercase letters.
  3. Titles have not been altered e.g. user_pass.
  4. Email field is in an email format. e.g. support@test.com
  5. Username or Email has NOT previously been imported to the Member table.
  6. No Special Characters are used for username, firstname, lastname or role fields.


Once the file is ready to upload, you can upload the file by clicking “Choose File“. Wait a moment for the file to upload. You can see the file name next to the button once it’s been uploaded.

Password Nag can either be enabled so that users are prompted to reset their passwords once they first log on.

Support Docs - Import Users - Step 3


Now click the “Import” button to import your user data file.

If all data was imported successfully you will receive the following success message and your newly imported users will be visible in the user table.

Support Docs - Import Users - Step 4


And that’s it! You’ve successfully imported your own user data into the Members table!


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